Friday, March 6, 2009

we should have had THIS on the snack machine!

i didn't have an omlette today... i wasn't feeling very well when i woke up. so, it was just cereal and nothing too heavy. however, no matter how bad i might feel... i can always enjoy a good snack.

a few weeks ago, my mom and i went to get groceries. we walked around zehrs... there wasn't anything in particular we needed... its just nice to walk around a store sometimes. i was super excited when we found this...

it's delicious!! lesserevil kettle corn! salty, sweet, crunchy... it's my official snack of the month!

for 1 1/3 of a cup... there are 150 calories, and 2.5 grams of fat. that's not too bad... i'm a big snack person. really. i usually snack my way through the day. i've been trying to choose healthy snacks at least.

tomorrow... i bake a cake. it's erin's birthday. for christmas, i made a lovely red velvet cake. erin has requested this again. she actually only requested the mascarpone icing... but, it goes lovely with the cake! hopefully all goes well... i've been having issues with my spring form pans. eek!



    oh. my. goodness.

    i needed that laugh. thankyou.

    1- LOVE the redesign. all things being equal, green kicks pink's butt everyday.
    2- happy birthday erin!
    3- do you make red velvet cake from scratch? have you ever seen a cake mix for that? i have never been able to find one.
    4- i just watched Love Actually and when Colin Firth was learning Portugese, i thought of you.
    5- colin firth is yummy. i bet he would be delicious with marscapone icing.
    6- i miss you!!

  2. kella...
    i made the cake from scratch. the recipe... ridiculously easy! i'll post it tomorrow, along with cake pic! i did try looking for a mix.. even over in buffalo. perhaps, a place like williams-sonoma would have it?
    i made aderito watch love actually, because i knew he would appreciate the portuguese part! i wish i could learn it! ugh!
    and i agree... colin firth + mascarpone icing = delicious!
    i miss you too kellinita!