Sunday, March 22, 2009

porto won

putting the lime cheesecakey stuff in the freezer was a bad choice. it was good last night, slightly chilled. this afternoon... it was rock hard. so, i put it into the fridge. and then it went grainy. i'm going to have to tweak the recipe... and also try it out with a different flavour. lime was ok... it was good. i think that perhaps tomorrow i will try it out in berry. the labne (greek goat cheese) i made turned out well. its more like a cream cheese. which is fine with me!! it has incredible flavour. which is all that really matters at this point and time.

aderito only worked half a day today!! wooohooo!! i love sundays!! at around 1:30pm we chatted a bit... he said that he was going to nap for a little bit. and then, asked if i could wake him up in an hour and a half. i thought... how sweet! aderito doesn't want to sleep his day away... he wants to talk to meeeee!! aderito then told me that he had to wake up to watch soccer, porto was playing. oh. well then. we had lots of chats today though... enough to get me through another week of him working at night. i ask questions all the time, about his family... because there are SO many of them!! he has 5 siblings, 2 older sisters, an older brother, and 2 younger sisters. his mom and dad come from huge families as well. but, i was asking about his grandparents today. i can never remember who is alive or not. only his mom's mom is still around... so, i asked what her name is. it's natalia maria... the exact same name as his mom! imagine my mom decided to do the same thing? erin, siobhan or i might be karen ann jr.

going back to the casino is offically no longer an option. the manager called this morning, to ask if i would be returning. i told him that i would like to, but that i wanted to be honest and let him know now that aderito had just booked our flights to azores. he says, "ohhhh... that's not good. nope. that's not going to work." i told him that aderito hasn't see his family in 3 years, that i have never met them. and also that we didn't know if i was going to be called back because of the racetrack situation. and so we went ahead and booked it. the manager's response, "so, i take it you are going to go to azores then? it's either go, or come back to work... because you can't do both." how in the world was i going to respond to that? there was a definite moment of silence. and then i slowly replied, "ok... i guess i'm not going back?" sheesh. he finished the conversation with a good 'ol... "well... i wish you the best." gee thanks.

since i've been out of the kitchen... i've been watching a ridiculous amount of the food channel. i'm ok with it. most of the time. i can't handle the chicks that make all those desserts at the moment. iron chef is good. the wild gourmet is insane!!! seriously, they shot and roasted squirrel the other night. i think that i have watched every food network challenge. and ohhh... the ace of cakes. i will never ever be able to have cakes that come anywhere close to duff's. i will try. i'm up for a challenge! who's birthday is next?

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  1. sounds interesting this cheese you made! do you have a recipe?
    now i see you like chickpeas, i look at this other blog on called realfoodforrealpeople
    she has a great recipe for homemade falafels!! fyi