Thursday, March 5, 2009

omlet? omlette? omelette?

lately, i've wanted to eat an omlette everyday.

i think that i've had 4 since sunday. i don't quite remember. there are definite phases that i go through, foods that i eat all the time. and then, one day... i just decide to eat something else. the other thing that commands the foods that i eat... is calorie counting. it's a slow and steady way to lose weight. if i eat 500 calories less than what my recommended daily caloric intake... then i should lose about 1lb a week. and if i keep it up until the end of july... i should be at my goal weight! perfect.

back to the omlette.

when i first started on this omlette endeavor... i was having issues with the amount of fat in it. i was not about to cook an omlette without a little bit of fat to cook the veggies in... so, i was throwing the yolks out. my mom suggested that perhaps, i just buy egg whites (they come in a super handy carton!). that made me feel slightly better!

this bad boy... has a total of 182 calories!

the veggies: spinach, red peppers, red onions are sauteed in 2 tsps of becel (olive oil) margarine. then add in the egg whites... and folded into the middle to finish is herbed goat cheese.



  1. you have an uncontrollable craving for eggs?!? are you pregnant with a vampire baby??? try drinking some blood. see if that helps.

  2. hahahahaha!!!
    oh.. you're hilarious.
    and no... no vampire baby :)

  3. yeah vampire baby! goo teenage smut.
    that there omlette looks nasty but tastes oh, so good.