Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i miss aderito an extreme amount this time around. huh... well... i've missed him an extreme amount everytime he's went back to bermuda. we decided while he was here at christmas that we would only talk at night, with the exception of sunday. when he left last july, we were talking every morning, at lunch, when he got home from work, while he was at his job at night, when he got home from that job, before aderito went to bed. there was non-stop talk! and i needed that! i need it right now too.... but, we know how much money is spent... so, we've are trying to talk more at night... but, not all day as well. it's working out... for the most part. this time of year it's incredibly rainy in bermuda... so, about once every week aderito has a whole day off. he hates it, because all he wants to do is work. but, i secretly like it... cause i know that we get to talk a bit more :)

in the past on facebook... i did a daily countdown, stating how many more days till i was with aderito again. however, i think that i was driving just about everyone crazy. so, i try to keep the counting to a minimum. i suppose, its just a way of keeping myself connected. how i miss him!! as of today... 156 more days to go. i've waited this long in the past... and i'll do it again!

there is a box full of aderito stuff... just bits of our adventures together. i'm not at all a packrat. i don't really have a whole lot of stuff. but, i am very sentimental... some of the collection, i will have forever. and, some of it... i have to send off to immigration. after christmas, i noticed that the little box it was in began to overflow... so, i transferred everything into something a bit bigger. in the corner of the box, is a neat stack of phonecards. every single one that i have bought and used to call aderito. i buy between 1-2 a week. which is pretty good. in november, last year... the calling cards weren't working when i tried to call bermuda. and i ended up owning my mom $400 for the phonebill! so, i'm fairly happy with the $100 maximum a month!

i can't wait till tomorrow night, when aderito and i will have our evening talk. i've been learning a bit of portuguese each day. today, i used the word... "pergunta". that just means... question. but, i ask them all the time. so, i thought that it was an appropriate word for me to learn.

that's every single phonecard i've bought... not including the one currently in use.

i figure it's about $2120 in calling cards...

i'll probably buy another one tomorrow.

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  1. "and, some of it... i have to send off to immigration."

    i'm not sure why, but that was the funniest thing I've read all day....

    love you!