Thursday, March 12, 2009

meu marido

every post i write at the moment, could quite possibly be about how much i miss aderito. i'm trying my hardest to be okay with our 15 minutes a night. and look forward to the next time we are together. todays count... 148 days. i'm very ready.

i haven't learned very much portuguese. should probably work on that. there are a few words i know. like... agora. that means, "now". aderito taught me this word one of the first times he came to stay here. this is how that moment of teaching went:

aderito: "agora means now. like, when i ask you to make a sandwich for me. and you say to me, now? and i say... yes, agora."

how convenient. because i've never met a man that likes sandwiches so much. his favourite sandwiches being... ham, cheese, fried egg, butter on a soft kaiser. sometimes toasted. i'm really interested to see what food we eat in sao miguel. i'm gonna guess tons of fish. which is fiiiine with me!

i wish that we were still on that little scooter in cuba... driving around... checking out the countryside. trying to not run into random roaming wildlife. waving to the ladies sitting on the front steps of their little houses. stopping on the side of the road to check out the map... hoping that we were going in the right direction. or on the scooter in bermuda. oh goodness. that was unbelievable. we went all over that island. what an amazing time. perhaps we rent a scooter and ride around sao miguel. maybe i will get to drive this time!


  1. 148 dias voarão perto! you' o ll seja junto logo!


  2. well... time is as slow as a snail! and i wish we were juntos AGORA! :)