Monday, March 16, 2009

adeus açúcar

all i want is sugar. on everything. if it was socially acceptable, i would go and get the bag of granulated sugar from the cupboard. and eat it with a spoon. i don't have enough self-control to eat it in " moderation" at the moment... so, i'm going to go to the complete other extreme.

not eat any at all. none. zip. zilch.

no sugar. which then also means... no carbohydrates, no starches, no fruit.

i went out last week, and picked up the south beach diet book. which is a step in the right direction. i made a huge grocery list of all things healthy... proteins, vegetables, non/low fat dairy products. today, the adventure began.

there is an excellent recipe for ricotta custards that i made. they are absolutely delish! they are sweetened with with splenda... which is allowed. dinner was baked chicken, that was brushed with a non-fat sour cream and grainy mustard sauce. umm... oh, and i did the classic fake potatoes... made with smashed cauliflower and a bit of non-fat sour cream. so, i'm eating. i just really want something delicious and sugary.

the last time i followed the south beat diet... it was wonderful! exactly what i needed to get my sugar situation under control. but, that was back in 2003... 2004. that's a long time ago. it will be good for me to learn how to appreciate sugar... and eat it in moderation once again!

14 more days till i can have fruit... mmmm....


  1. You can do it Nikki!!! It's been killer for me just CUTTING down on have my prayers, lol

  2. hey nikki! great posts! i have huge issues with sugar too, and can never get enough of it! have you heard of an herbal sugar substitute called stevia...very tasty, and doesnt have that aftertaste like the splenda does for me anyways! :)
    you can also grow it in the garden i bet!!
    take care,