Sunday, September 19, 2010


it's true. we are together. everything with immigration went well as soon as they recieved the medicals. aderito was sent his permanent residence card at the end of april, and by the end of may he was in canada! as soon as he arrived i started the grand job search... for him. amazingly enough he had 4 calls within the first week. he took the first job that was offered. however, it was in toronto. which meant we had to find a place to live asap!! within 2 weeks we found a place, and moved in the last week of june.

it's september now. and just yesterday we bought our first piece of furniture! we were living fine off of one income... but, i had to find a job if we ever wanted to get ahead and eat off a table. we went to ikea friday night, bought a table... it's lovely! and window treatments. i call them that because they aren't quite a blind, and not quite a curtain. it's called a panel curtain. anyways, it was a complete bitch to assemble. why can't ikea tell us what is going to be included in the "self assembly"?! i had to sew people. i can cook. i can read. and i sure can shop. but, sewing. not my thing. i made it work, and now we have panel curtains in the living room, along with a lovely table. next... a bed frame. as much as i love that i can literally roll out of bed in the morning... it would be nice to step out.

i'm having issues figuring out what to name the blog. i wanted to call it something along the lines of "lost in translation"... but, that title has been used many times. it's so true though... i can't even tell you how often we don't understand what the other one is trying to say. which is sometimes really seriously funny. other times... a huge frustration. thankfully i have our handy dandy portuguese-english dictionary on hand at all times... and i can just find the word and try to say the word in portuguese. i need to work on that!

i need to tell you about my new job!! it's amazing. however, aderito is clearing his throat and pacing... which means that he would like to use the computer. there are many futball games on today... and he needs to start watching them! and i have to bake a cake... yeah, i'll tell you about that next time too. goodness.

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