Thursday, April 8, 2010


yeah. well...

guess where aderito's passport is?! still in freakin' new york.

dear immigration officer,

please hurry up and send aderito back his passport stamped with that lovely visa, and his certificate of permanent residence. we don't plan on seeing each other until july so, he doesn't need it asap to fly or anything. but, he would like to be able to book his flight... and soon... he can get a round trip flight for only $215! so. please. let's get movin' on the passport, k?


in other news. i quit that job.

in other other news. i found a new one.

well... it found me. seriously. a few weeks ago, i received an phone call from a former chef. he left a message saying that there was a job opening at a restaurant in crystal beach... a restaurant owner was looking for a chef to take over the kitchen, the restaurant had been closed for the past few months and he wanted to re-open soon. i listened to the message, and then promptly deleted it. no thanks! a few weeks later, i'm at the spa... and the esthetician was a girl that i went to school with. she was telling me that she has a friend that was moving back home to take over a restaurant... the very same one that i heard about! we chatted about what the food would be like, and how cool it will be when jenn takes over the kitchen! and then! on monday, i was home sick from work... i managed to catch something wicked. when i woke up in the morning, i checked my email... there was a message from my neighbour, patti. jenn... the girl that is re-opening the kitchen was at patti's house for easter dinner and was talking about taking over the kitchen and needing new staff. patti immediately suggested me... and jenn said that if i was interested in a position to just email her my resume and we could talk. well... wednesday i went to the restaurant to meet up with jenn and the owner. we talked a whole lot... i had the opportunity to hear about where jenn has been... and what she wants to do at the restaurant. i'm excited. especially to work in a nice, clean, well organized, highly communicative kitchen. ahhh. it will be wonderful.

what i am not looking forward to... is working at night. aderito and i have this lovely routine. we chat 4 times a night. it's kept both of us sane... and able to deal with a long-distance relationship that has lasted for 3 years. even though the chats are quick... it still gives us that chance to connect and for me gives me a great deal of security. i love when we talk. i look forward to it. and well. working at night, i'm not going to be able to do that. i am going to try!! that's for sure! the other thing that is already causing a bit of stress... is that we have already planned for him to come here in july for 3 weeks. we haven't make any solid plans as to what we will do when he is here. but.. i really do NOT want to have to spend a lot of that time working. i want to be with aderito. we were only together for 3 weeks at christmas... and he worked a bunch while i was there. it won't be until this next christmas that we see each other again. ugh. i just need to know that we will be able to have time together in july. we had planned on going to florida for a week. how sweet would that be? perhaps we will have to put those plans on hold until the beginning of next year. who knows. none of these questions will be answered... until i let my new boss' know what is going on, right?

alright. i'm going to watch a movie... or do something. i took a nap this afternoon because i had a brutal headache. hopefully i'm not up till 3am because of it.

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  1. I do not like immigration they are slow and mean and the last time I dealt with them is 10 years ago I can only imagine how bad it is now... I hope he gets his visa soon and congrats on the new job !!!