Monday, July 6, 2009

the worst distraction... of all time...

while everyone else was celebrating canada day... my family and i attended a funeral. it was for my grandfather's best friend. percy. he was a pretty cool guy. just as percy and my grandfather grew up together, they made sure that their children grew up knowing each other. and every summer, we would go to his house for a big pye/blackman family reunion. we would swim, play games, eat eat eat. but, i think that most of the children would all have one specific memory. he let us drive his riding lawn mower. we would usually hook up a wagon, sled, another sled to the back of the tractor... and would pull all the kids around his huge yard.

i hadn't been to a funeral in a while. i did pay attention. and listened to the pastors speak. and say the prayers along with everyone else. and thought lots about percy, and the time i spent with him.

there was one big bad distraction, however. the organ. every time it was played...which, was quite a lot. i cringed. and then decided. i don't want an organ at my funeral. or anywhere near me for that matter, when i die. from there... i created a mental picture of my own funeral. all the things that i wanted. so... here is my list, thus far.

1. no ORGANS! hopefully some of the organs inside of me will be donated. and the musical instrument needs to be far far away.

2. i would prefer it to be outside. nothing crazy and formal. like a picnic, or a barbeque.

3. music. i'm not a very musicy person. however, i would like everyone to sing one hymn. wonderful grace of Jesus. all the verses. without any accompaniment. just sing it. and, if for some reason... someone absolutely needs to sing amazing grace... i only want the 4th verse.

4. nothing from the book of ecclessiates. preferably, ephesians... romans... phillipians. encouraging, light, but with the message of Jesus' wonderfulness, grace, love.

5. the cheapest casket possible. or a burlap bag. whatever is the most environmental. if nothing is possible... then that is what i would like. no cremation.

6. seriously, ridiculously good food. i can't even explain how good the food should be. i want loads of bread, cheeses, fruit, cured meats... mmm... and wine. gewurtztraminer and cabernet franc. if stratus is still making wine... i want that.

i think that's it. and, i don't think that it's going to change very much. i have a feeling that even when i'm like 99... all those things will still be very important to me!

there really hasn't been much going on lately. just lots of hanging out. oh, and list making. going to another country for a month is stressful! i've done loads of research trying to find out what is easily accessible on the island, and what i definitely need to bring. the list of things i still need is so tiny. it makes me feel pretty good. now, i want to pack. however, i think that perhaps i should wait a bit. maybe a week before we leave i can start? we are each allowed 50kg... so, 110lbs. not including our carry ons.

that's a lot of stuff.

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  1. you see? THIS is why we are friends:
    advance funeral planning.
    i already have a playlist started in iTunes.

    i would also like fireworks.