Monday, July 27, 2009

how many days?


aderito and i are going a bit nuts.

we miss each other so much. 6.5 months apart. actually... 189 days apart to be exact. it's offically too much. 4.5 was managable. we were both ok... held our shit together fairly well. the extra 2 months added to it... is making us both a bit intense. it makes me cry. a lot. it makes him super cranky. i've had enough.

i'm trying to keep my mind busy. i went through all aderito's clothes, and packed all his stuff. then packed our shoes, baby stuff for my sister-in-law's new baby girl (who's name i still don't know... why can't men remember these very important details?!). i packed all the clothes that i have bought to take with me... and a lot of other stuff. we are about 80% packed. i have a bunch of appointments in the next week... haircut/highlight, sugaring, manicure, pedicure. that should keep me pretty busy.

i made a decision this summer to not tan. even though i had tons of time on my hands to do it. i've started getting freaked out a bit more about skin cancer. but, i didn't want to land in portugal being super white. so... well... i've been using self tanner. i'm not even joking. and, i like it. i did some research, and aveeno continous radiance was what i decided to try. it was a very good call!!! i love it! except for the smell. it's not as bad as most self tanners... but, it's not pretty. so, i've been using it mostly at night. i don't look whitewhite... and don't look orange. just like i've spent a bit of time in the sun. perfect.

oh! yes... and if you haven't went and checked out the pioneer woman's TASTY KITCHEN site, you must! it's a lot of fun... a lot of really good recipes. i check it out often throughout the day... because it's updated with new pictures and recipes often. i've added a few of my favourite recipes. most recently, a recipe for cherry clafoutis souffle. i had a whole lot of cherries. i had heard of a dessert called cherry clafoutis in the past... but, didn't know for sure what it is. so, i googled. it's like, vanilla custard with cooked cherries in it. it wasn't quite what i wanted... so, i used the recipe... but, whipped the whites and folded them in... making something closer to a souffle. the finished product? amazing! i will have to remember it again next cherry season.

ok. 10 sleeps to go.

we all need to pray that the time flies by.


  1. Hi, I have a question about your recipe Red curry coconut noodles on Tasty Kitchen. Sorry to ask it here but I couldn't find a way to ask there. In the instructions it says to add the stock but there is no stock in the list of ing. Wondering how much stock to add. Hopefully you can help me. I was going to fix it tomorrow night. My family is excited to try it. Thanks for your help.

  2. hey nancy!
    sorry... i will go and fix that mistake right now! :)
    i usually use a tetra box of chicken broth. either campbells, or whatever is on sale at walmart. either way, it's about 500ml.
    hopefully it works out well for you!! :)