Thursday, June 25, 2009

sorry. no muffin recipe.

everyday, i think.... hmm... perhaps i should blog today. there was always something going on. but, when i sat down to write. there was nothing. perhaps all that nothing... will accumulate to something this time.

before i signed in... i read the first bit of my last post. geez. it was full of motivation, eh? i'm not quite sure where it went. i do know... that my last post was on the 31st of may. and that on the 2nd of june i went to see my doctor for my annual visit. at the end of the visit, the doctor decided to stab me with a needle. for my dpt shot. diptherea, polio, tetanus. ugh. it hurt. a lot. for 4 days my arm ached. which then made me reconsider my desire to have natural childbirth. seriously... if/when i have a baby... i would like to do it without any meds whatsoever. but... if i can't handle a shot. how in the world am i going to be able to deal with a baby coming out of my vajayjay? yikes. in conclusion. i think that my motivation went to sleep when i was unable to use my left arm for those days.

not too long after that... my car exploded. kinda. the transmission. died. i still have the car... affectionately called... lucy. she's in the little driveway we don't use. i look at her everyday. i even put her up for sale on the autotrader website. for $300! 4 people called about her. but, none have actually wanted to buy the car. so... yeah. i guess i might have to call the scrap yard... and ask them to take her away. rumor has it, they will give me $50. sweet. the tragedy that is lucy... has led me to purchase a new car. well. not new new. but, definitely new for me! the highlights of this new car? well... it has 4 doors. there is air conditioning. and the power steering. definitely the power steering. i didn't know what i was missing out on! it's wonderful. pulling into parking spots is an entirely new experience. i can only imagine how much easier parallel parking is... and 3 point turns. imagine. i'm not about to actually try. nope. the only issue i am facing with this new car... is a name. i need a name. it's definitely a girl. it's a silver hyundai accent. that's all you should need to know. please help. any suggestions will be taken into consideration. unless you are siobhan... then i will not. i refuse to name the car anything that has to do with guinea pigs or twilight.

however... esme might work.

have i ever told you about my right eye? in grade 9, i went to see the eye doctor, he did tests... and informed me that my right eye wasn't as good as it should be. and that i needed glasses. so, i picked them out... and wore them for some of grade 9. but, then realized how absolutely ridiculous they looked on me. so, i stopped wearing them. when i went to get my G1 the first time... they said that i needed to wear glasses. ok yeah... sure. i had them to wear, but didn't ever. 5 years later, i hadn't got my license yet. i had to go back and get my G1 again. when they did the eye test this time... i could see perfectly fine! with both eyes. the woman at the DMV even asked if i had laser eye surgery. it was a miracle! i carried on for years... with an eye that healed itself. until the past... ohh... six months. it changed again. getting fuzzier and fuzzier. yesterday... i decided to call and make an appointment. thankfully, they had one for me today. i went in... i had to do 3 different tests on slick machines. they were really cool. and then, the last part was going in and seeing the doctor. we did the usual looking at the letters test. at the end... he told me that my left eye is perfect. 20/20! sweet! my right eye however... bad. bad bad bad. he suggested that i get contacts. well... actually... a contact. yep. just 1. in my right eye. i laughed when he told me this. a few years ago... when i moved into the wee apartment with tiffany, i remember laughing at her. because she only had 1 contact. in her left eye. and now... i need 1 contact in my right eye. between the two of us we have one really good set of eyes. and one really bad set. tonight we were chatting... and decided that on our donor cards we would write down that our eyes were to be donated as a pair. i also had an issue remembering how to spell... donar. hahaha. if it is donAte. why don't we spell is donAr? sheesh. so... i came home this afternoon with a contact in my eye. i left it in for 4 hours. the entire time... it watered. so, i took it out. and decided that tomorrow we would try for 6 hours.

as of today, there are 6 weeks to go. 6 weeks until aderito and i are together. ahhhhhhh. that was a sigh of relief. i really can't wait to see him. really. it's going to be wonderful to be able to just look at him! everyday i tell him that i just want to look in his eyes. sometimes he laughs... and tells me to look in the mirror.... cause we have the exact same colour eyes. other times... his response is a bit sweeter.

i haven't really learned much portuguese. i know random words. a lot of them. kind of like french. but, putting them together to make a sentence... is difficult. ah well.

tomorrow... my motivation is going to wake up. for 6 more weeks.

it can go back to sleep once we hit portugal.

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