Saturday, April 11, 2009

please, get off the table.

having children hasn't ever been at the top of my to-do list. i think that there was a very small period of time when i thought that perhaps it would be fun to have a "van load" of kids. but, that didn't last long. i was mostly of the frame of mind that i wouldn't have any. so, in thinking that i wasn't going to have children... i didn't really give much thought to anything that comes with having children. back when siobhan was a baby... i didn't put any thought into how she was being raised, or disciplined, or what she was eating... i just had a lot of fun with her. she was a new little mind to mould.

being married, i've allowed my mind to start thinking about kids... in a different way. like as in... having one. which will eventually happen. i figure... may 2012.

since i've been hanging out with alex though... i've started to realize that i just might be the "bad" parent. the one with rules, the one that enforces the rules, the one that is more likely to say no. that's no fun at all. when alex and i come to my house... there are very specific rules that we have. no touching the plants. no touching the bird cage (and surrounding areas). sit down on the little stool when having a snack. sitting on the big stool when eating lunch. rolling the ball on the floor, and not throwing it. saying please when you want anything. and when we are done eating... the face and hands WILL be wiped down. pretty easy, and he follows all of them. no problems. at his house? oh goodness... it's a free for all. there are no rules. there is a lot of throwing, food anywhere and everywhere, climbing. ohhhhh the climbing. i walked into the house a few mornings ago... and he was sitting on top and in the middle of the kitchen table. my child... will never ever be on the table. ever. the highchair isn't used... he is fed wherever. i've been slowly migrating the rules into his house. i really, just can't wait till it warms up a bit more... he needs to go outside. run around, breath in all that fresh air, throw stuff, climb trees. i guess i just didn't know that deep down inside i had some sort of parenting-style established. and i know that it most definitely not the same as...

oh yes, of course.. the never-ending update...

17 weeks to go, till aderito arrives in toronto. 12 weeks have passed since aderito left. not quite half way yet. april 29th is the half-way point. something to look forward to. i've started picking up a few things for the trip... most recently, a super cute dress to wear to the beach... ahhh... the beach. in the massive amount of reading i've been doing about sao miguel, one of the interesting facts i learned... was to not wear any light coloured swim suits at the beach. the sand is black. this would be because all the islands that make up azores, are formed from volcanoes. scary. there are a few that are still active, but there hasn't been any activity in quite some time. 1988, i think was the last time there were any tremors. there are 5 volcanic type systems on, or around the island of sao miguel. most recent, last known eruption... 1880. that's a while ago. it should be fairly safe while i'm there.

i haven't cooked anything incredibly exciting lately... a yummy red thai coconut curry... with spring wheat pasta. that was tasty. ohhhh... and for the first time in a very long time i ate yukiguni sushi. the best sushi on earth. it was so tasty. i still haven't had any processed sugar... i have been eating dried no sugar added fruit. mangoes, peaches, apples. they are a perfect treat. i haven't had a single cadbury creme egg... or cadbury mini egg...

and i don't miss them at all.


  1. hey nikki~ good write up about just about described my kids, 3 years ago!! when i worked that was the years my kids got away with "stuff"...i was too tired, and guilty, to say they got away with tonnes...but now that i am a full time mom,parent & wife...i have realized this is THE real job...i am raising 2 human beings here, and they are NOT my friends, they are my children, and it is my job to discipline them, show them life is about taking responsibility and following through!! :)
    i think that was the mistake i made back in the days i collected a paycheck...
    now my pay is kisses and hugs and sometimes tears... <3
    kudos to you for starting to think before you act!!! LOL
    i'll get off my soapbox now!!
    thank-you thank-you very much!
    my sis made black bean brownies... yummy

    take er easy, jenn

  2. when you have children, you can be as disciplined as you want, because Aunt Kelly will get 'em all riled up and teach them how to be destructive.
    you're welcome.