Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a nanny and a cupcake

not working... is boring. sure, i've been working out, cooking, doing all sorts of recipe finding. and of course... getting more sleep than ever before. too much.

when i heard that a past co-worker was looking for someone to watch her little boy, i thought... i can do that. make a little bit of extra money (shhh!), have a reason to get up... other than to go pee, and without a doubt i would be busy and moving all the time.

monday was my first day with alex. he's 19 months old. and loves to say, NO WAY. he's been pretty good for me so far. no tantrums, minimal crying, and he plays well. we have loads of fun... building stuff, making weird noises, and watching dora. the plan of action today is to come back here... i want to make dinner, and hang out... i think a change of scenery will be nice. it will be ideal once the weather is nice again! and we can go and hang out outside... go to the park or go for a walk. yeah!

this weekend that just passed was a busy one!! kel came over and we put on our creative hats!! and made cute and whimsical cupcake bites. we had a blast! there were sooo many!! a few months ago, kel pointed me towards many cool blogs... one of them being bakerella. after a few months of reading her blog, and then watching bakerella and the pioneer woman get together and make them. i thought... if they can do it, kel and i can for sure!!! and so, we did...

kel made this one!! it's beautiful! i'm pretty sure bakerella would be proud!!
we took them to our friend jen's baby shower. that was a lot of fun too... oh babies! there are so many coming into the world this year. hopefully the school systems get prepared for the great baby boom of '09!

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