Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i guess i could sweep...

last summer when aderito was working and i was just hanging out at home... i managed to fill my day. there seemed to always be something to do! this winter while i was working, aderito was laid off... during the day he cleaned and cooked and was waiting for me when i got home. candles lit, dinner waiting for me on the table. it was so nice! but, now... aderito is back to work. and i am working. so, when i come home... all that there is waiting for me is a sink full of dishes and a floor that needs to be swept. i'd rather not do either at the moment... so, i read through all the blogs i like. sent messages on heytell to my sister. and now... here i sit. looking at the clock, wondering when aderito will be home.

the preserved lemons are done. and they are lovely! i took a handful of the zest and put it into the food processor with lots of sugar... until it was a nice wet mess. then into a pot with an equal amount of water... and made a lovely lemon syrup! it's so good with perrier. this is for sure. i'm going to make a cheesecake this weekend... i think that a splash of the syrup will be perfect. i made a pear, rum and vanilla bean confiture on the weekend... i think that i might swirl that around in the cheesecake too. tasty!

aderito and i found a new apartment! we weren't looking, but we weren't not looking. we know that eventually we will need 2 bedrooms. and i know that i don't really like having to drive aderito to work and pick him up when he is done... and yes, he does take the bus... but only coming home. anyways, every morning i drop him off we drive by a smaller apartment building. it's 3 floors... and not too big. we've commented a few times that it looks nice and would be wildly convenient for us. last week we noticed that there was a 2 bedroom apartment for rent! so, i called the number, then we went to see the apartment, filled out the application... and this morning the landlord called letting us know that the apartment was ours! wooo!! so, that means that in less than a month we will be out of here... our wee little place. which works well for us. i think that aderito especially likes that it's about 5 steps from the bed to the refrigerator! haa!! but, i'm looking forward to a bit more space... and a whole lot more closets! right now everything is shoved into closets at maximum capacity. the living room at the new apartment will look hilarious! we have a lazy boy recliner... and that's about it! ok ok.

it's time to do... something productive.

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