Sunday, February 21, 2010

pretty much the same...

since i changed my blog link... i have no idea if anyone is reading anymore. i decided that this blog most definitely had less and less to do with me and cooking. and more and more to do with the familia pacheco. ah. it's nice to say that. my little family with aderito and i. i love it. we are looking forward to being together soon. we know that it won't happen too soon though. next christmas is the goal. i really hope that happens.

not a whole lot has changed with our immigration application. well a little bit. while i was in bermuda the entire package was returned. with a letter that told me that i had forgotten to include aderito's work visa. proof that aderito indeed is living and working in bermuda. so, i sent that bad boy back. the beginning of february i checked out ecas... it not only said that they had begun processing the pr application, but that it had been sent from buffalo to new york. aderito hasn't received any letters from new york telling us why. so, it could be because they want to expedite the process and buffalo was backed up so they sent it off. or, it could be because they want to do an interview. however, i requested that our interview be done in detroit if it couldn't be done in buffalo. tomorrow morning i am going to call ottawa and ask about aderito's medical stuff. he had it done in bermuda and from there they are supposed to send it to ottawa. when the center that is processing the permanent resident application is ready they request the medicals. sometimes they don't go... or take a while. so, i'm going to call... and see where they are. hopefully they are indeed in ottawa... and they just need a gentle push in the right direction. that would be ideal. what we don't want is for them to be lost. that would be the worst possible situation. we paid over $1000 for them to get done. we most definitely can not afford to do them over again!! goodness.

i still need a job. so so badly i need one. but, i need one during the day. that's it. aderito works all day... and our time is at night. it's created this sense of living together... and most definitely consistency. we both like knowing that the other person is at home hanging out... doing normal people things... together, at the same time... just not in the same country. so, that means that i need to work during the day. i will do anything. work anywhere. i've sent my resume to so many places. perhaps tomorrow... all of them will call. that would be wonderful... cause i want to work... and i like options.

the olympics have been a nice distraction from the worry and stress. however, i find that they just create a new worry and stress. i know that canadian athletes are good... i believe that we can win a lot of medals. it's just... sometimes i don't think that they believe it enough. perhaps that's unfair. it's just how i feel about it at the moment.

my lung is gurgley... the right one. lowish. it's been like this for 3 days now. more at night... it's weird. i'm going to google... and do some self diagnosing. eek!


  1. Any update on the process?

    I just found your blog, but I like it.. very quaint. Love the background.


  2. hey sadie!
    thanks for stopping by! and yes... there are very exciting updates!! :)