Sunday, February 8, 2009


last night i had wretched sleep. i was hot, then cold, then hot, then my phone rang at 4am... and all that was on the other end was random beeping. i think that it was aderito. sometimes, he sleeps with his phone... and i guess he managed to call me and then press random buttons. thanks for thinkin' of me.

tomorrow is monday. the plan... to wake up. go to curves and workout. come home... clean up... eat. and then go to the bulk food store and buy ingredients to make granola! it's lovely. my brother refuses to call it granola... and instead calls it, "the poop maker". how nice.

i hadn't ever made granola before. and loosely went from a granola bar recipe i found. i mean loose... as in... i kinda used the ingredients that were listed... and that's it. i appreciate that at the bulk food store, they list the nutritional information for each item. i loaded up with unsalted, nonroasted seeds of all kinds! pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, golden flax seeds. as well as... sliced almonds, unsweetened coconut. oats. i think that's it. toasted them in the oven... and then mixed it up with organic peanut butter, organic honey and a wee bit of splenda brown sugar. put it all back on the pan... cooked it and stirred often for 15 minutes. then let it cool, and added sulphite-free apples, unsweetened dried mango, and organic apricots! wow. i think that tomorrow... i'm going to take out the splenda brown sugar... and use molasses. the goal is a stickier granola!! and no more mango. it's too hard. perhaps organic raisins instead.

and, i think that tomorrow might become dusting day. tuesday, bathroom cleaning day. and wednesday vacuuming. and then the other 4 days... the usual stuff that i do around the house. contrary to what i was like about 7 years ago... i'm now a big fan of systems and intense organization. oooohh.... organization. i think that i might go through the kitchen cupboards and re-organize those this week too!!

i sent my CV off to a family that is looking for a personal chef, for 30 hours a week. that would be different. and ideal. hopefully i hear something soon!

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